Dryland Mushing Event

This event will be run by the
Colorado Mountain Mushers.

Saturday, August 23rd, 2008: 9:00 AM.
Location: Soccer fields at River Park in Buena Vista. See Directions.

Dryland Mushing Demo
Embrace your dog's inner sled dog and come see how easy dryland mushing can be.  Members from the Colorado Mountain Mushers will do a brief demonstration at 9 am (ish) and be on hand throughout the day to answer questions, show you our gear, and let you and your dog try your hand at Canicross.  No experience needed, dogs of any breed or age are welcome.

For more information, please contact TC Wait at colomtnmushers@yahoo.com (best)
or (303) 697-4486

What is Urban Mushing and Dryland Racing?

A fun way to enjoy the beauty of a human-canine athletic team without snow or a lot of gear. Traditionally, mushers trained their sled dogs during the off season (when there is no snow) using wheeled rigs or carts. This has developed into a style of mushing known as Dryland and uses bikes, scooters, small carts, and even your own feet. Recently non-mushing people have discovered the enjoyment of dryland mushing in more urban environments where it is not feasible to have lots of dogs and there may not be consistent snow to sled on. Any breed of dog can learn to do this, and it is a fun way to work on training and exercise both of you!

Canicross is probably the most economical and simplest way to do urban mushing. You simply have a harnessed dog help pull you as you walk or run along the trail.

You can use a mountain bike or scooter with 1 or 2 harnessed dogs for a bit more excitement.

And if you get really hooked, you can use a non-motorized cart to explore the trails. You can buy these from mushing companies, or make one yourself. Make sure you include good steering and brakes!

For more information, visit www.skijor.com/canicross.htmlwww.cani-cross.co.uk, or www.sleddogcentral.com.

Please visit our website for additional information about mushing in Colorado or to become a CMM member, www.colomtnmushers.org.